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a design-minded software engineer currently interested in React, TypeScript, design systems, and state machines.

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Speeding up Storybook with Brotli

Storybook recently introduced an on-demand architecture for 3x smaller builds and faster load times in the 6.4 release . I won't dive into…

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Replacing Sass at Shopify

Alex Page and I join Jerod & Divya on the JS Party Podcast. We discuss our open research, finding and selecting a viable alternative…

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Dark theme with Stitches

After tinkering a bit with Stitches , I am very excited to see the improvements in DX, variant-first support, and performance in the CSS-in…

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Conditional git configuration

I recently went through the process of setting up a new machine: installing apps, customizing dotfiles, and configuring git . One little…

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Building from the Box

This a follow up post exploring how the power of the sx prop can be used by a single component, the Box, to build up a system of common UI…

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Theme Styling with the sx Prop

As React components become the building blocks of our application, styling them becomes a crucial part of our development. Scaling these…

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Minimal XState with Hooks

Over the last couple of years, we've started pushing our application state management to the browser. Managing state can be a large part of…

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